Penny Football

The coin soccer that was idle in the days of a classic child became the iOS application! It is the game that is good to relaxation.

It is easy even if I take the rule!

  1. I play it I am involved and hold the ball, and to go between two other balls.
  2. I choose one other favorite one of two pieces next and play it between balls in the same way and put it.
  3. It is shot this last repeatedly.

I make full use of each bonus including long shot bonus and the cushion shot bonus, and let's aim at the high score!

GameCenter correspondence will compete with players of the world!


  • Bonus comes depending on the number of times of the cushion when I let you go through between two balls after bouncing a ball.
  • Points when I made a goal increase so that there is much success of the pass.

The turn end

  • I did not fall out between balls
  • Balls proved right before letting you go through between balls
  • It was caught a ball by a goalkeeper

Then it is 1 mistake




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